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Research teams

Alephsys - Algorithms Embedded in Physical Systems
Investigador Principal: ARENAS MORENO, lex
Applied Geometry - Geometria Aplicada
Investigador Principal: HERRERA GMEZ, Blas
Banzai - Research Group on Artificial Intelligence. Banzai - Grup de Recerca en Intelligncia Artificial
BIOcenit - Bioinformatics and Environmental Engineering & Chemistry
Investigador Principal: RALLO MOYA, Robert
Investigador Principal: GARCIA LPEZ, Pedro
Codes, Privacy, and Algebraic Combinatoris - Codis Privadesa i Combinatria Algebraica
Investigadora Principal: BRAS AMORS, Maria
CRISES - Data security and privacy. CRISES - Criptografia i Secret Estadstic
Investigador Principal: DOMINGO FERRER, Josep
DIDACMAT - Didctica de les Matemtiques
Investigadora Principal: GIRONDO PREZ, Llusa
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Sistemes Dinmics Discrets i Continus (SISDINDC)
Investigadora Principal: OLIV FARR, Carme
Discrete Mathematics - Matemtica Discreta
Investigador Principal: RODRGUEZ VELZQUEZ, Juan Alberto
Dynamic Systems - Sistemes Dinmics
Investigador Principal: RAMREZ INOSTROZA, Rafael O.
IRCV - Intelligent Robotics and Computer Vision Group. RIVI: Robtica i Visi Intel.ligents
Investigador Principal: PUIG VALLS, Domnec
ITAKA (Intelligent Technologies for Advanced Knowledge Acquisition) - ITAKA: Tecnologies Intel.ligents Avanades per a la Gesti del Coneixement
Investigador Principal: MORENO RIBAS, Antonio
Investigador Principal: SOLANAS GMEZ, Agust
SSAI-Sensorials Systems Applied to the Industry - Sistemes Sensorials Aplicats a la Indstria
Investigador Principal: SERRATOSA CASANELLES, Francesc