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Research report: DEIM-RR-13-002


Integration of a rating function based on rank positions for the management of hierarchical structures of criteria in ELECTRE


Moiss Grio, Luis del Vasto Terrientes, Aida Valls Mateu



Research team

ITAKA: Tecnologies Intel.ligents Avanades per a la Gesti del Coneixement

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Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) methods are designed to support the decision process when various different criteria are involved. A well-known approach to MCDA is known as ?Outranking model? because it is based on building an outranking relation among all the pairs of alternatives. This outranking relation can be exploited in different ways to generate a ranking (a complete or a partial preorder) of a set of alternatives. In this work we consider the outranking method named ELECTRE. We study the case of having a set of performance criteria that are organized hierarchically, so that the user wants to obtain results at different levels of generality. In this way the decision problem is decomposed in smaller subproblems. Up to now ELECTRE was not able to deal with this hierarchical organization of the criteria. In previous work, the classic ELECTRE method was extended by including the possibility of propagating the rankings from one lower lever to an upper one. An implementation of classic ELECTRE (without hierarchical organization of criteria) developed at the group IDSS from Poznan University of Technology (Poland) has been considered. It consists on a plug-in for Excel Microsoft software. This document explains how the ELECTRE plug-in for Excel has been extended to deal with hierarchies of criteria. This is the result of a joint work between the group IDSS and ITAKA.


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