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Deim Seminar


Security and Privacy in RFID


Dr. Roberto di Pietro

Professor/a organitzador/a


Universit Roma I "La Sapienza"


14-01-2008 11:30


A radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag is a small, inexpensive wireless device that emits an identifier in response to interrogation from a nearby reader. RFID is expected to be the successor of the optical barcode. In this and many other guises, RFID will play an important role in the commercial world. RFID will be also spread in citizen's every day use, for instance in the form of payment devices and physical access tokens. This technology, however, will be a host of new privacy and security problems. Being severely resource constrained, basic RFID tags pose an especial challenge to security architects, calling for specially adapted security techniques. Keeping such facts in sight, this talk describes two novel solutions for RFID. The first one is a technique to protect the tags from potentially malicious servers. In particular, we devise a technique that makes RFID identification server-dependent, providing a different unique secret key shared by each pair of tag and server. The second one is a probabilistic tag identification scheme that requires the server to perform simple bitwise operations, thus speeding up the identification process. Discussion of a few research issues concludes the talk.


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