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Deim Seminar


Visual Music Vibration


Phil Ellis

Professor/a organitzador/a


University of Sunderland, UK


24-02-2009 10:00


Over a period of more than 14 years a research project has led to the development of an interactive MUltiSensory Environment (iMUSE) combining audio, visual, tactile and kinetic interaction. Designed to improve quality of life for the elderly and children with special needs through exploring, expressing, playing and responding aesthetically in the iMUSE environment, progression and (re)development of physical and mental abilities has been enabled. During this period more than 60 children and adults have been involved for periods lasting from 20 weeks to 7 years and with an age range from 2 ? 104 years. The three phases of the project and the research and evaluation methodologies are described and illustrated with video examples, with reference to current and future developments. Biography Phil Ellis is Professor in Music at the University of Sunderland. He has been active as a composer of electroacoustic music and researcher/developer of IT in music education and therapy. He is a former chair of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) Commission for Music in Special Education, Music Therapy and Music Medicine. He has been involved in several European IST projects since 1998, and for the past few years his research has centred on developing interactive therapies for children with special needs and with the elderly in long-term care.


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