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Deim Seminar


XML in Database


Bostjan Sumak

Professor/a organitzador/a


University of Maribor, Slovenia


03-03-2009 11:00


Database management systems (DBMS) are accelerating the use of XML and XML related technologies at the core level. We no longer need to develop external application components for the XML data processing, since we have support for XML data processing at the database level. We do expect that DBMS with XML support will simplify the use of XML and XML related technologies with all the functionality that enables XML data consistency, appropriate XML querying, security, high availability, transaction support, etc. Database market offers several products that are either XML native databases or mature object-relational databases with XML support. We will present Oracle 11g for permanent storage and illustrate different typical scenarios of XML data processing. Oracle database has a full support for latest XML standards and support for XML querying languages (XPath and XQuery). With Oracle we can for example very easy get XML data from existing relational data and vice versa. With practical examples we will show why we need support for XML at the database level.


Lab 231