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Deim Seminar


gCubik : A Cubic Autostereoscopic Display for Multiuser Interaction


Roberto Lopez-Gulliver

Professor/a organitzador/a

Domnec Puig




14-05-2010 12:00


Most of the research in 3D displays have focused on increasing the realism of images by adding depth information. They are mainly designed for passive viewing without or very little interaction from the user. The "gCubik" is a small autostereoscopic 3D display requiring no special glasses, specially suited for natural sharing of 3D images among a group of users. The display is graspable and interactive and can be viewed from any direction with correct viewpoint-dependent perspective. The display could be used in group discussions as a substitute of real 3D objects, which users can freely manipulate, point at and interact with using simple finger gestures. In this talk, we present the gCubik's design principles and the details of its main technology contributions: wide field-of-view lens design and real-time rendering for integral photography. A virtual 3D aquarium application that showcases the gCubik's interactivity potential is presented here. Multiple users, around the table, can use the gCubik 3D display to naturally pickup static 2D fish images, from the table into their hands, and see them transforming into full parallax interactive 3D fish images.


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