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Deim Seminar


Secure vehicular on-board protocols


Yves Roudier

Professor/a organitzador/a

Josep Domingo Ferrer


EURECOM Institute, Sophia Antipolis, Frana


06-07-2010 11:00


Vehicles have traditionally been a mechanical domain. In recent decades, this changed drastically: starting with electronic engine management in the 70s, vehicles have evolved to a multi-connected and computerized platform; simultaneously, safety systems that not only rely on mechanics but also on electronic systems (electronic stability, anti-lock brakes) have been introduced with great success. The more recent introduction of Car-to-Infrastructure technologies and that of Car-to-Car systems in the near future constitute the next step that will turn vehicles into communicating artifacts. This situation is likely to generate new security threats with respect to communications between vehicles (VANETs), as well as within on-board embedded systems. Successful attacks on poorly designed communication protocols have recently been demonstrated for both external and internal protocols. This talk will focus on the latter. The paradigms of on-board network architectures and communication will first be reviewed. After a description of attacks, the approach taken in the EVITA research project will be introduced, with a particular focus on the cryptographic protocols currently being designed. Integration issues in terms of performance (in particular cryptographic overhead), standardization, and acceptability will finally be discussed.


Laboratori 231