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Deim Seminar


Location and Absence Privacy in Geo-Social Networks


Carmen Ruiz Vicente

Professor/a organitzador/a

Josep Domingo Ferrer


Universitat d'Aalborg


22-12-2010 12:00


Online social networks often involve very large numbers of users who share very large volumes of content. This content is increasingly being tagged with geo-spatial and temporal coordinates that may then be used in services. For example, a service may retrieve photos taken in a certain region. The resulting geo-aware social networks (GeoSNs) pose privacy threats beyond those found in location-based services. Content published in a GeoSN is often associated with references to multiple users, without the publisher being aware of the privacy preferences of those users. Moreover, this content is often accessible to multiple users. This renders it difficult for GeoSN users to control which information about them is available and to whom it is available. In this talk, we will present GeoSNs as a new emerging trend of online services. We will illustrate two privacy threats that occur in GeoSNs: location privacy and absence privacy. The former concerns the availability of information about the presence of users in specific locations at given times. This threat has been extensively investigated in the context of location-based services; however, its application in a GeoSN setting poses new challenges. The latter is an innovative notion that concerns the availability of information about the absence of an individual from specific locations during given periods of time. In this talk, we will formalize these two notions of privacy in a GeoSN setting, propose techniques for enforcing them with privacy guarantees and finally point out promising directions for future work.


Laboratori 231