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Deim Seminar


Potential fluid flow computations involving free boundaries with topological changes


Dra. Maria Garzn

Professor/a organitzador/a

Alex Arenas


Universidad de Valladolid


05-04-2011 12:00


Recent advances in the field of fluid mechanics with moving fronts are linked to the use of Level Set Methods, a versatile mathematical technique to follow free boundaries which undergo topological changes. A challenging class of problems in this context are the potential flow models posed on a moving domain, in which the interface location and the time evolution of the free surface boundary condition are both approximated by means of the level set techniques on a fixed domain, fully avoiding the tracking of fluid particles and its known limitations. To show the advantages of this approach in the field of Fluid Mechanics we present in this work two different applications: the numerical approximation of a potential flow model to simulate the evolution and breaking of a solitary wave propagating over a slopping bottom and the colapse of an inviscid fluid tube and subsequent cascade of drop formation.


Laboratori 231