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Deim Seminar


Relay Attacks and Distance Bounding Protocols in RFID Environments


Gildas Avoine

Professor/a organitzador/a

Jess Manjn - Rolando Trujillo


Universitat de Leuven


01-12-2011 11:30


Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a pervasive technology that we commonly use in our everyday lives: building access control, mass transportation, payment cards,... This technology nevertheless arrives with its set of security issues. Among them is the relay attack. A relay attack consists in relaying the messages sent between the RFID reader (verifier) and RFID tag (prover) during the execution of an authentication protocol. The adversary so makes the reader believe that the tag is within its close proximity while it is actually not present in the reader field. After a brief introduction to the RFID technology, we will presicely describe in this presentation the techniques for relay attacks and their practicability. We will then extend the relay attack to more powerful attacks, including the Mafia Fraud and the Terrorist Fraud. After the description of the frauds, we will focus the presentation on the distance bounding protocols, which aim to thwart the considered attacks. Research on distance bounding protocols is an emerging theoretical topic, yet with direct pratical implications.


Laboratori 231