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Deim Seminar


Face detection acceleration on Stratix IV of altera FPGA


Mohammad Ali Mirzaei

Professor/a organitzador/a

Domnec Puig Valls


Imperial College, London


20-09-2011 13:00


In this presentation, I will go briefly through face detection algorithm which is proposed by Viola and Jones and its current implementation on OpenCV and I will outline the image processing, Cascade classifier, feature selection, integral image formation, ... . then I will explain the Altera Stratix FPGAs architecture right after that. knowing the architecture of FPGA and Viola and Jones algorithm I will draw forth the basic architecture of this computer vision application on FPGA. Then my talk will be followed by the introduction of a new module for more acceleration which is called control module and I will explain how did we extract its architecture and how much is effective if we add this module to the current architecture. Finally, we will see the results of this new architecture plus current ongoing research and future work for more acceleration.


Laboratori 231