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Deim Seminar


Analysis of trabecular bone: from in vitro to in vivo


Dr. Rodrigo Moreno

Professor/a organitzador/a

Domnec Puig


Linkping University


08-05-2012 16:00


In view of the great effects on public health of osteoporosis, there is a need for reliable and valid methods for quantitative assessment of the disease in vivo. In addition to bone volume, it has been shown that osteoporosis is also related to changes in the internal structure of trabecular bone. Although well-established methods have already been developed for images acquired in vitro, they cannot be used for images acquired in vivo since they rely on segmentation processes that can lead to errors in vivo due to noise and/or low resolution of the images. In this talk, I will discuss some of the methods we have developed in our group during the last two years which aim at closing the gap between the two worlds. Especially, methods to compute trabecular thickness, fabric tensors, and to classify trabeculae in gray-scale will be discussed.


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