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Deim Seminar


HIMMO: A Lightweight, Fully Collusion Resistant Key Pre-Distribution S


Jaime Gutirrez

Professor/a organitzador/a

Maria Bras-Amors


Universidad de Cantabria


29-04-2015 12:00


Public-key cryptography addresses key distribution and agreement in a very elegant way by allowing any pair of nodes to generate a common secret without sharing any information beforehand. In the alternative approach of key pre-distribution schemes (KPS), a trusted-third party (TTP) securely provides each node with a (node-dependent) secret function allowing pairs of nodes to agree on a common key in a non-interactive way, which is a big advantage in delaycritical applications. However, no known key KPS is simultaneously secure and efficient. This paper proposes HIMMO, a KPS which relies on the recently introduced Hiding Information (HI) and Mixing Modular Operations (MMO) problems. Our security analysis shows that HIMMO is fully collusion resistant for appropriate parameter choices. HIMMO is also lightweight for these parameters and thus makes non-interactive key establishment feasible even in very large networks. Additionally, the identity-based nature of HIMMO enables implicit certification and verification of credentials, as well as secure broadcast by the TTP. HIMMO can a also accommodate multiple TTPs so that no single TTP knows the keys shared between nodes. All these features make HIMMO a very promising candidate to enable more efficient security protocols.


Laboratori 231