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Deim Seminar


Advanced Functional Programming in Scala


Sergi Toda

Professor/a organitzador/a

Pedro Garca Lpez


Basement Crowd (London)


19-12-2017 10:00


Functional Programming (FP) is a different programming paradigm that emphasises the use of functions without side effects. In this Deiminari well see what a Side Effect is and how we can push them to the boundaries of our code to program in an FP style. Well start by defining a Side Effect. From there well jump into some basic concepts such as Algebraic Data Types and Type Classes (Ad hoc polymorphism) that well help us to dive into a more complex topic: Category Theory. In this section well explore some fancy names that can, at first glance, scare a developer whos landing in the FP world. Names like Monoid, Applicative Functor, Monad or trampolining should be clear after the Deiminari and will offer the attendee some powerful tools that will help him/her to make code thats easier to predict and understand; which is one of the key motivation for the development of functional programming. Short bio: Sergi Toda is a passionate developer who lives in London. Hes a Scala Developer at Basement Crowd (London) bringing the latest tech to the legal sector. Before joining Basement Crowd, Sergi worked for nearly two years at Sky (London). As a member of Skys Recommendations team, he was a Scala developer building the system that provides personalised recommendations to Skys customers. Before that he was a polyglot backend developer at Universitat Rovira i Virgili building a Personal Cloud for the EU. Sergi holds a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and Security from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain).


Laboratori 231