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Deim Seminar


Industry 4.0. New paradigm in production processes


Carles Soler

Professor/a organitzador/a

Domnec Savi Puig Valls


Casiopea Robotics / educaBOT


18-01-2018 12:30


Abstract: The tendency to deindustrialization of European countries and the consequent risk of losing high value activities caused the German government to react, presenting the proposal "Industry 4.0". This initiative wants to take advantage of a renewed technological framework in which different technologies (among others, robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, additive manufacturing and augmented reality) converge to raise again competitive manufacturing in countries with a long industrial tradition. Thus, the industry, and especially the manufacturing industry, is experiencing an acceleration in its automation process, adding a layer of digitalization on the physical reality. At the end of the process, it is expected to achieve a highly efficient production environment, where human resources will be needed in a considerably smaller number than today, and with a professional profile and required skills that are very different from those currently needed. Short bio: Carles Soler (Barcelona, 1965) s enginyer de Telecomunicaci (UPC) i MBA (ESADE). La major part de la seva trajectria professional l'ha desenvolupat ocupant funcions de direcci en empreses de serveis tecnolgics. Actualment s Director de Casiopea Robotics, consultoria estratgica en robtica collaborativa i de serveis, i President de la Fundaci educaBOT, un projecte dedicat a la promoci de la tecnologia i l'enginyeria a travs de competicions de robtica. Sempre ha compaginat l'activitat professional amb l'activitat docent, collaborant amb ESADE, La Salle i actualment amb la UVic i la UPF, on s coordinador de l'assignatura "Organitzaci d'empreses TIC".


Laboratori 231