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Deim Seminar


Wireless IoT IDS with SIEM Integration


Flix Gmez-Mrmol

Professor/a organitzador/a

Javier Parra


University of Murcia


18-04-2018 11:45


>Our technology keeps advancing towards a future where everything is connected together. The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm envisions a world in which every device can be controlled from the Internet. Although this enhanced connectivity will definitely improve our quality of life, it also raises serious security, privacy, and trustworthiness questions. The enormous amount of sensitive data exchanged among these devices become attractive for ill-motivated entities, which not only aim to manipulate the exchanged information, but also inflict negative financial consequences to organizations by affecting the availability of the provided services. In addition, most of the IoT devices are characterized by low energy and computing capabilities, thus the usual protection schemas (e.g. cryptography) cannot be straightforwardly enforced to ensure an appropriate security level. In this talk, I will describe an intrusion detection system (IDS) architecture that can be applied to a variety of IoT environments. The core ingredient of the architecture is the Raspberry Pi, a low powered device with the peculiar features of a typical IoT one. I will demonstrate the capabilities of the proposed architecture through a demo, in which a wireless attack is correctly detected by the Raspberry Pi and reported to an OSSIM Server.


Laboratori 231