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Deim Seminar


Baru Project: Exploring Social Dynamics for the promotion of health & wellbeing among adolescents in


Ana Lucia Rodriguez

Professor/a organitzador/a

Alex Arenas


Florida International University


10-07-2018 12:00


Baru project seeks to investigate the interplay between social networks, violence and mental/physical/sexual health among adolescents, in the rural community of Santana (Colombia). Using Social Network Analysis (SNA) techniques, this research project applies a systems perspective to human development, that allows to identify the spread of unhealthy behaviors and conditions, in a high school population. Self-reported, qualitative interviews, clinical samples and relational data will be combined in a comprehensive approach to social and individual wellbeing, and its association to inter-personal relationships, interactions and aggression. Longitudinal data will also provide a temporal perspective of the epidemiological dynamics, that will improve the quality of the resulting evidence-based recommendations. Mapping the critical characteristics of the co- occurring realities among gender based violence, substance use, physical activity, psychological conditions, nutritional status and social behaviors, will allow a unique combination of mixed methods, that will be grounding recommendations for future interventions, policies and clinical applications.


Laboratori 231