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Deim Seminar


Computer vision, machine learning and graph representations applied in digitisation of documents fro


Dr. Carlos Moreno Garca

Professor/a organitzador/a

Francesc Serratosa


University Robert Gordon (Aberdeen, Scotland)


04-04-2019 12:00


The Oil & Gas sector worldwide is currently facing a great challenge with the digitisation of legacy documents which contain important information such as the design of facilities, operation readings and other sensitive data. This creates a need converting a vast amount of printed documents into a digital output, accounting for a high precision and the correct interpretation of all the relational and structural information. During my work as a Research Fellow and as Lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, I have been working on solutions for problems of this nature using my background in computer vision, machine learning and graph representations. I will present existing solutions and lines of work in this matter. Finally, I would like to discuss the current challenges that we are facing towards improving and better automating the existing solutions which may result in collaborations.


Laboratori 231