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Deim Seminar


Structural Pattern Recognition and Some Applications to Image and Video Analysis


Donatello Conte

Professor/a organitzador/a

Francesc D'Asss Serratosa Casanelles


University of Tours (France)


08-05-2019 12:00


Starting from the late seventies, graph based techniques have been proposed as a powerful tool for pattern representation and classification. After the initial enthusiasm, graphs have been practically left unused for a long period. Recently, the use of graphs in Pattern Recognition and Image Processing is obtaining a growing attention from the scientific community; this is perhaps because the computational cost of the graph-based algorithms is now becoming compatible with the computational power of new computer generations. In this talk, some techniques of graph matching and machine learning on graphs will be presented, together with their applications to domain of the Image and Video Analysis. Particularly, it will be presented: some recent techniques of graph matching based on learning similarity costs; graph embedding techniques; machine learning on graph spaces. These techniques are applied to Video Analysis applications like: Objects Detection and Tracking, People Re-identifications, and so on.


Laboratori 231