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Deim Seminar


Towards autonomically evolving cloud computing service


Kyungyong Lee

Professor/a organitzador/a

Pedro Garcia


Kookmin University in South Korea


26-09-2023 10:00


Abstract: Since the inception of cloud computing offering as the IaaS type, it is evolving in the direction of higher degree of abstraction to lessen complex resource operation burden from users. Such movement is represented with the offerings of PaaS, SaaS , and serverless computing which is deemed to be the next generation cloud computing service. Despite the recent improvements, the current cloud offerings are far from an optimal operating environment, and users still have to manually set various configurations to get the best performance. In this talk, I will introduce my group's recent work on helping users to find optimal cloud environments for various applications, such as DNN training, inference, and big-data processing. I will also introduce a recent work about using various spot instance datasets to reduce cloud cost while increasing reliability. Bio : Kyungyong Lee is an associate professor in the department of Computer Science at Kookmin University in South Korea. He leads a distributed data processing systems lab in the school. His main research topic covers efficient resource management in a large-scale distributed system especially on cloud. Before joining the current school, he worked as a software development engineer and researcher in Amazon Web Services, HP Labs, and Samsung. He received a PH. D. degree in the University of Florida with a major in computer engineering.