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Deim Seminar


Security of dedicated hash functions


Marko Hlbl (teaching assistant)

Professor/a organitzador/a


University of Maribor (Slovenia)


27-09-2006 12:00


Cryptographic hash functions are among the most used cryptographic primitives. They are used in practical application, such as security protocols, various software products, password storage, and as part of other cryptographic primitives, such as digital signatures. That is why security weaknesses and attacks regarding hash functions gain much attention among professionals and in public. The presentation deals with dedicated hash functions, their design and structure and security weaknesses, namely cryptoanalysis. Firstly a short introduction and definition of hash functions is given. Secondly, we will take a look at design criteria and recommendation concerning the structure and properties of hash functions. We will focus on the most popular class of hash functions that is dedicated hash functions. A review of the mostly used dedicated hash functions will be given ? MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD-160 and SHA-2. The design, structure and properties of each of the functions will be dealt with. Furthermore security weaknesses and cryptoanalitic result for every one of the functions will be presented. The attacks for every of the dedicated hash functions will be given chronologically. The presentation will be concluded with the opinion on future development of hash functions and what additional attacks and weaknesses are to be expected.


Lab. 231